Return of the Last Jedi?

 Like everyone else, I am still reeling from the latest episode of The Mandalorian! So...SPOILERS....

Boba Fett!! Jedi temple!! Force energy fields!! Death Troopers!! Moff Gideon!! Bye bye Razorcrest!! By the Maker, can we take any more shocks?

Well, we have two more episodes to go to the end of season two, and one of the big questions is, did Grogu make contact with any Jedi when he was on the seeing stone? And if so, who?

There are a number of candidates being tossed around: Mace Windu, Ezra Bridger, Cal Kestis. But the one possibility that I am truly excited about is Luke Skywalker. 

As someone who was there at the beginning, who remembers a film called Star Wars and not A New Hope, I've been a big fan of Luke for a long time, and without getting too much into the new trilogy, I was among the many who were less than thrilled with his fate in The Last Jedi. Bringing a young Luke who is still optimistic into The Mandalorian, even in a cameo role, would do a lot to soothe the rough feelings of many fans.

What do we know of Luke at the time The Mandalorian is taking place? It is said to be roughly five years after Return of the Jedi. Luke had been training Leia in the ways of the Force, while also helping to liberate planets from the remnants of the Empire, and searching for Jedi artifacts and temples. It's not far-fetched to think he could have already visited the planet Mando and Grogu went to (Tython) and therefore been attuned to the signal our cookie-loving friend sent out. 

However, I doubt we would get a full-on appearance of Luke. For one thing, I think we may have a cliff-hanger ending to the season, with Grogu still in the clutches of Moff Gideon by the end. Also, bringing in Luke as an actual character would require either having Mark Hamill and a lot of de-aging technology, or recasting the role, and that opens a whole can of worms. More likely, I think we may get a hint of Luke -something akin to the hint we got of Boba Fett way back in episode 5, where we only saw Boba Fett's boots at the end of the episode. Or, we might get Luke's voice calling to Grogu. I'm skeptical of a full body, live, not a Force hologram, Luke appearance by episode 16.

But if Luke does respond to Grogu's Force beacon, what next? Does he help save Grogu? Does he help train him? I'm still a little iffy on the endgame here, and the endgame of the show. If Grogu needs training, how does he stay with Din Djarin? Or does he? There are a whole lot of people who tune in because they want to see that little green guy. I don't think the show can go on if the kid disappears.

But for right now, I am keeping fingers crossed that somehow, the new hope of the Jedi and the Alliance, Luke Skywalker, shows up in some way to help our heroes out.


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