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Super-Blog Team-Up: Planet of the Apes: Tales from the Forbidden Zone

Karen: I'd like to welcome my old blogging partner Doug from Bronze Age Babies to the Satellite today! It's always a pleasure to work with him, and we both love Planet of the Apes. We're taking part in the amazing Super-Blog Team-Up , celebrating the theme of Expanded Universes. You can find our review of a Marvel Comics Planet of the Apes story over at Doug's Black & White and Bronze blog today, and over at our old Bronze Age Babies site, we have a smorgasbord of old Apes posts! So if you like Apes, we got 'em! Karen: Certainly, the Planet of the Apes has crossed over all media and exists now in many different forms. A couple of years ago, an anthology was published called Planet of the Apes: Tales from the Forbidden Zone . This collection featured a number of short stories set in the POTA universe but many of which diverged from the universe of the films in certain ways. We have selected a story to review by Bob Mayer called The Pacing Place .

Logan's Run shatters its life clock

I was surprised to read that today is the 44th anniversary of the premiere of Logan's Run , a film that I love probably far more than it deserves. Call it a guilty pleasure if you like, but Logan's Run burned its way into my young psyche that summer of 1976, and I have nothing but warm feelings for it now. If I am flipping channels and it is on, I'll stop and watch, usually until it ends. It's probably less about the film than the emotions it evokes. But honestly, there are some cool things in the movie. The concept is intriguing. We can look back now, post- Star Wars and years of CGI epics and it may seem quaint with its obviously miniature cities, or 70s mall standing in for the Utopian domed city, but like most good science fiction, it originated out of concerns for our modern society. The threat of overpopulation, student and civil unrest, and of course, the ever-present Cold War, all motivated the the story of a seemingly perfect world of youth and freedom

Welcome to the Satellite

Welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere. Yes, I've been here before. Some of you might know me from my days of blogging on comics with my pal Doug over at Bronze Age Babies ( ). We had a great run for seven years and Doug keeps the BAB alive on Twitter. I can't say enough good things about Doug, He and I continue to stay in touch, and we even will be teaming up again soon. More about that later. Some of you may be here because you are listeners of Planet 8 ( ), the twice-monthly podcast that I am a part of with my pals Larry and Bob, where we talk about all things geek. At the time that I write this, we've been doing it for just over two years and have 53 episodes finished, so not too shabby. I also do some tweeting on stuff, mostly science fiction-related, but sometimes music or comics, so that's another outlet. But lately I've been feeling the need to explore some ideas that just can't be