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Don't Cry for Me, Discovery

 Both Star Trek Discovery and The Mandalorian have returned to our screens in recent weeks. These shows, rightly or wrongly, carry the weight of their respective franchises on their shoulders. Decades of films and TV episodes have created rich mythologies for writers to mine and fans to enjoy. I am a fan of both Star Trek and Star Wars, and I am happy to see them continue. But the two franchises are taking very different paths, and as a viewer and fan, I find myself reacting quite differently to these two approaches.  In this post I'll look at Star Trek Discovery. The next post I'll follow up with my take on The Mandalorian. Star Trek Discovery was a show whose production I followed eagerly. For years I had been hoping that Trek would return to TV, its first, and best, home. Everything I heard about the show ratcheted up my excitement for it. And then it premiered and...I wasn't sure what to think. The main character mutineed and started a war, because her captain didn&